Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Head To Head

At times it is very difficult to avoid sharing what some people search on when they surf into this site.

Take for example today's search string, "can people having telepathy in conversation "

The more pertinent question is, "Do you really want to hear someone else's voice in your head?"

I know that unless I am madly in Love with them, I don't; and, even then, I would think twice about how often I would forgive the intrusion.

Basically, for a large swathe of our society all you are going to find going on in their heads is, "what are we eating?" "where is the nearest restroom?" or "when do I get laid next?"; and not necessarily in that pecking order; oh, and let's not forget "did I just miss the off ramp?"

Good thing someOne put some colorful stones to good use nearly 2 decades ago to filter all that out, so we needn't be bothered with such minutiae.

And the laic may think there is little to no harm in listening in on someone else's private deliberations, but what they don't understand is that it's a holistic experience and unless you are willing to share their feelings (not just emotions, but sensations, too), best to keep such things out of reach of children.

Even a short-lived exposure to such an experience makes the most enured among us, that would be Me, want to blow their brains out on a daily basis.

So, I hope whomever was responsible for it would have just as much fun with it : (

As an afterthought, if the search string was actually a perjorative 'can people' having telephathic conversations, then that would explain why after they already killed us off, they no longer can see Us, especially this One Big Fat Momma.

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