Saturday, August 11, 2007

Telepathy Truth Or Dare

If you found this page no doubt you have surfed countless conspiracy theory sites on synthetic telepathy and magnetic waves and government cover ups. But the truth about telepathy is that it is really a latent human trait that can be brought about by extenuating circumstances such as a near death experience or severe chemical sensitization that affects the neural network, as related in Maxie Time.

Chemical sensitization is an allergic reaction the body can develop to a number of chemicals. Commercial examples are chemicals found in epoxy and cement resins, formaldehyde, and the like. I write chemicals, but really every substance is comprised of chemicals and if the source of the chemical is organic, it is invariably caused by toxic mold. This allergy may be pre-existing but in most cases it can be induced by prolonged contact over a course of a few days or even years. Once sensitized, even very small amounts of chemicals can bring about an allergic reaction.

The medical community formally acknowledges the physical symptoms-- such as blistering, swelling, itching, and other skin and respiratory conditions. However, acknowledging the anomalous side effects such as telepathy and remote viewing are still very much suppressed bĂȘte noire in the medical, legal and political arenas.

In the Maxie Time diary, the writer runs up against this type of sensitization and realizes that the reason her doctors could predict she would develop telepathy is due to the fact that they, too, are in on a synthetic telepathy experiment.

Maxie Time describes the manifestation of telepathy, remote veiwing and other unusual events that ensue from a carefully formulated toxic exposure.


Anonymous said...

interesting... when i am "receiving" telepathic information, i exhibit allergy symptoms...congestion, stuffy nose, sneezing, etc... anti-histamines such as Benadryl will not help these symptoms (even though these same medications are very effective when i am experiencing the same symptoms from pollen in the air, food sensitivities, etc.)... which is really quite strange, don't you think?

ra said...

if you are 'receiving' telepathic info while in the presence of an irritant I wouldn't expect the symptoms to clear up with medication. I am not a doctor but my experience is that your body responds differently to irritants than it would to allergens...but this all begs the question whether you are a natural telepath (born that way) or if you have developed this ability from your environment.

Anonymous said...

I was at a book store and as i was walking i saw a book called Maxie time. I don't usually do this but i was drawn to the book. I purchased it and went home. I thought it was going to be just another book but i didn't realize was this book was going to become one of my favorite books. It is a interesting diary and once i started reading i couldn't stop. I really recommend this book to a everyday reader!

Anonymous said...

I picked up the book Maxie Time as well.It blew my mind, the book made me think in different ways about what goes on in life. it opened my eyes to a new world and way of thinking. Anyone who reads this message should read it, its worth it.

Anonymous said...

Are telepaths real? I believe that they are, but the rest of the world believe that it is schizophrenia. It scares me to see that the programme heroes could be real. How do you outsmart them? When a telepaths is forcing himself to read my mind, i actually feel him "entering my brains and leaving after sometime". Basically, i can tell when he is around. But i believe that they are devil worshippers. They claim to trust in God yet do dirty stuff to someone who is asleep.

RA said...

Telepathy is non-invasive and I somehow doubt very much that you can feel a telpath reading your mind or sense they are around. No, it is not like the tv show Heroes and if you follow the message in this blog carefully and read the book Maxie Time you will know the real "devil worshippers" are those experimenting on involuntary human subjects to study this effect.