Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hypocritic or Hippocratic?

I recently came across the published treatise "Invisible Killers: The Truth About Environmental Genocide" by Rik J. Deitch and MD Stewart Lonky and was bewildered with one of the author's involvement in putting it into print.

In fact, the Maxie Time diary refers to an instance wherein the patient pointedly asks the doctor to assess the possibility that she had suffered a toxic exposure, leading to multiple chemical sensitivity (August 21, 1996) and he replied, "That's a controversial issue, asthma is less so."

Simply amazing what a decade of denial can do; let the statute of limitations run out--or is the reader to conclude that the government along with the medico-legal community want to be trendy (a la Al Gore) and are now comfortable extolling the truth about environmental toxic exposure.

At any rate, while the book is presented by two experts, the subject of "those blonde guys walking around" is carefully avoided--now that would have made for some really interesting reading!

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